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Receiver Guard—-A Guard for Your SDR Receivers or Other Receive Only Stations

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Product Description

A Receiver Guard is an advanced electronic receiver RF limiter, which protects your receiver’s front end from the HIGH LEVEL of RF field.

This rugged receiver guard convers from 0.5 to 50 MHz with under 1 dB of insertion loss at 50MHz, and this cost-effective receiver guard prevents your receiver’s front-end damage from the high RF levels that can result in costly radio repairs. The Receiver Guard should be used on any radio receive only antenna input for low-cost front-end protection in these common RF situations, among others:
1. Receive antennas in very close proximity to transmit antennas
2. Field-day operations with many transmitters in close range
3. Multi-transmitter contesting sites
4. Neighboring Amateur and CB operators
5. Frequent high-power mobile encounters

The Receiver Guard is an advanced multi-stage receive signal limiting device that is virtually RF transparent at normal receiving levels, all the way up to -10 dBm, or approximately 63 dB over S-9. In typical operations, installed on the RX Input of the transceiver or dedicated receiver, you cannot tell that the limiter is installed. At slightly higher than normal receive antenna input RF levels, the Receiver Guard has a specially designed mechanism of limiting that reflects higher than normal levels of RF energy while generating minimal harmonics and noise. That, plus it has extremely low insertion loss are the most important differences between the Receiver Guard and other protection devices.


Frequency Range: 0.5 through 50 MHz
Insertion Loss: < 1 dB at 50 MHz
VSWR: < 1.2:1
Max Output Level: +14 dBm at 10 W input
Maximum Power Handling: 10 W CCS (Continuous Commercial Service)
System Impedance: 50 to 75 ohms, unbalanced
RX port Connector: BNC
Ant port Connector: SO-239
Size: 90(L) x 36(W) x32(H)

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 30 mm