CG-3000 Outdoor Antenna Tuner


Nice Companion for Long Wire Antennas

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CG-3000 automatic antenna tuner (ATU) covers whole HF amateur bands. It uses multi-signal processing circuit to switch L/C to make perfect matching between your radio and antenna system. Fast tuning, less than 2 seconds for first initialize matching. 200 memory channels store the minimum SWR value to make further tuning.


  • Working Frequency: 1.8 – 30MHz
  • Input Impendence: 50 ohm
  • Max. Input Power: 200W PEP
  • Min. Input Power: 10W
  • Power Supply: 13.8V ±10%
  • Current Drain: lower than 0.8 Amps
  • Auto Tuning Time: Approx. 2 sec. (first time tuning) , 0.2 SEC Normally
  • Memory Channels: 200
  • Usable Wire Length: 6-30MHz < 2.4meters
  • 1.8-30MHz > 8.0meters


We warrant all products against defects in material for a period of 1 year unless otherwise indicated.The warranty does not cover damage, improper use, abuse, or conditions beyond our control (i.e. lightning).


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 400 x 300 x 100 mm


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